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Meet Your Photographers

Hi, Welcome to our page!

Your head photographer is Mandy, she is your go to girl for booking, organising and sorting your photography. Any questions or needs she's the girl to talk to. For the last 2 years now Mandy has been the main photographer at Shipley Photographic but has been trained up by the best with tremendous amount of knowledge, who she happened to fall in love with and now have a house and a child together. Cue John. Used to be head photographer then Covid hit, had to be back seat photographer while juggling his full time career as a site manager. Luckily, Mandy was secretly always the go to girl. 

Importantly, You won't find a couple who would do more for you on your day. You could scroll hours through photos seeing what other weddings were like and how you feel yours should be, only not one wedding is the same. That doesn't mean you can't have it damn well near what you have dreamed of. Use Mandy for her knowledge in all things wedding. She will adapt and blend into your day like a quiet head bridesmaid focusing on you and your needs. 

It may be a girl thing but the tiny details are enormous issues on photos. Why is my train not straight? Why is my jewellery backwards? How can someone not tell me my hair came lose? and... When did I lose all my make up? 

Mandy is a stickler for details because frankly she hopes someone would do the same for her on her day! She will be there to sort our your dress, your accessories, make sure you have lipstick on hand to top up. If you cant find space then she'll carry it In her trusty bag, all while taking awesome photos of the day rolling away. 

Let's some up the Booths (and soon to be booth):

Two Photographers who are a couple (10years!), if they can't gel together then no one can.

One baby, (mother in law lives in an annex attached to the house, live in sitters!)

4 dogs, (spread out between 2 houses)

One Home

Think that sums us up!

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